Working with Jeff Lerner and Entre: Leslie Rogers Jr.

Working with Jeff Lerner and Entre: Leslie Rogers Jr.

Working with Jeff Lerner and Entre: Leslie Rogers Jr.

Success does not always come easy. Leslie Rogers provided totally transparent video footage of his experience with Jeff Lerner[1] . We verified that Leslie’s video review is real and confirmed that he is a member of Entre Institute[2]. His review is very positive.

In a nutshell:

Working a job, working 40, 50, 60, 70, or 80 hours a week to pay for things that you're not home to enjoy does not make any sense.

My name is Leslie Rogers Jr. I live in delay in Florida, and I'm 35 years old and own a home maintenance business in Florida. my business does window cleaning, pressure washing, and roof cleaning—just a traditional exterior home.

What's going on with my life?

Why I decided to look more into Entre Institute was right before COVID, I started my home maintenance business, and it was a little rough. But then I began to pick up the pace, and things were going well. Things were running fluidly daily, which freed up much of my time. It allowed me to see what else was out there, what else was possible. So I heard about this concept of passive income. I call it a concept because I didn't know exactly what it was. I knew it was something people did but didn't know any details. So I started researching to find out what I could do to create passive income to create more time and freedom because my personal time is way more important than working the job.

That's when I came across entrepreneurs and their introduction to being entrepreneurs. I learned how to create digital assets that produce passive income. I started to listen to what Jeff Lerner had to offer. He explained what digital assets were, how they can become passive income, and the steps it would take to start producing them in your life—working a job, working 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 hours a week to pay for things that you're not home to enjoy, do not make any sense.

And I never knew exactly how to get out of that rat race. And then I got a taste of it. When I started my own business, I was like, okay, I can make twice, three times as much money and work like a fraction of the time. So how about I compound that? Maybe there's another skill set I can.

Learning that will allow me to do.

To work even less amount of time and make even more money. So that's how I came into Entre Institute because they hit all those pain points.

The journey I've had since I started with Entre has been up and down, with many downs. When I first got in, I had to convince my wife this was worth it. I have the vision to see what is possible, but that's because that's what I was looking for. But to convince someone else that is not looking for the same thing, it's a little complicated. So basically, she just had to trust me. I started to get into the curriculum, and I was utterly overwhelmed. Not specifically with the curriculum. Like, that was part of it, but it's an introduction to an entirely different skill set and world. I'm not a computer person, and so many other programs exist.

As you're getting introduced to this online lifestyle, that took a lot of my attention. The Mindset training and the different books you're introduced to also took time. And I was trying to take bits and pieces of everything and was making no progress, and I got completely burnt out. My wife had an intimate conversation with me, and she knows I'm a passionate person; I'm very driven.

And she's like, hey; you decided to do this. You need to follow through with this!

As a result of our conversation, I committed.

I fully committed to the process, shut out all distractions, got entirely focused, and just made sure that I didn't allow the shiny object syndrome to stop me from reaching the goal I initially set out to accomplish in my business.

As I went through the Entre training, I paid attention to what Jeff Lerner said and what the Entre training said.

Success leaves clues.

I started to look into different organic strategies. So the organic system I went into next, another member of Entre that introduced me to it, I began to move over to TikTok to start bringing in an organic audience, really work on my messaging, and who I was trying to reach. And that helped me form from getting a specific group of people that I thought I wanted to come to broadening my message but also still having it set towards people looking to change their life. I went from the proper skills to reaching the right audience and getting my message better. And then, from there, I continued to grow this organic strategy, and now I'm explicitly doing a Facebook organic strategy, which I focus on entirely.

And yeah, things are going well. That's a win under my belt.

By the end of this year, I know I will no longer have to work my own maintenance business.

If you're having issues getting past the real technical skill, I don't like computers if you're not a computer person.

I'm not a computer person. But it's the same way you accomplish any other goal. My wife said this to me the other day. She said, "when you go into a job, you're never good at it, but you do it anyway, and then eventually you're going to be good at it."

So yeah, you're not good at it because you don't do it consistently, and you don't do it regularly. Take the first step. Take a tiny action. Turn on the computer, find what you need to do first, and focus on that one thing. And then when you accomplish that one thing, you're going to be like, oh, wow, I can do this one thing.

Let me add something else to it. And before you know it, you know how to do everything you need to accomplish your online business. Take it one step at a time, and don't overthink it.